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Vidcon 2015: Connor Franta Makes Arielle Jump for Joy!
Vidcon 2015: Rhett & Link Forbid You to Make a YouTube Channel While Granting David’s Wish
Vidcon 2015: Cassidy Conquers Minecraft with StacyPlays, LDShadowLady, and Joey Graceffa
Vidcon 2015: Joey Graceffa and Troye Sivan Hang Out With Mackenzie
WARNING: Good Happening at #Vidcon2015 with Connor Franta, Joey Graceffa, and Rhett and Link
Vidcon 2015: Minecraft Tips from StacyPlays and LDShadowLady for Cassidy
What is JASH?
Dream Crushers - Episode 1
Dream Crushers - Episode 2
Dream Crushers - Episode 3
Dream Crushers - Episode 4
Dream Crushers - Episode 5
8 Dates: The SET-UP
8 Dates: What NOT to ask on a First Date (Episode 1)
8 Dates: Out on a Limb (Episode 2)
8 Dates: My Senior Crush (Episode 3)
8 Dates: Date Your DAD??! (Episode 4)
8 Dates: The Boner Zombie (Episode 5)
8 Dates: Going GAY (Episode 6)
8 Dates: HAUNTED By Your Ex (Episode 7)
8 Dates: Final Exam (Episode 8)

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